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Title: On the Run by CMWright
Rated: Mature [Reviews - 0]

James Francis really needs to give up drinking. Hungover and amnesic one morning, a knock on his door brings unexpected news. He is wanted for the murder of a low-level gangster and now he finds himself on the run from the law and with far more people than usual trying to kill him. With just his idiot friend, four chocolate bars, a small fire extinguisher, a camp stove, a bottle of coke, a plug in radio and flowery purple coat, he must take on the gangs of London and stay alive while trying to prove his innocence.

 A comedy/action story that melds absurdity, thrills and irreverent wit.

Category: Adrenaline
Chapters: 2 | Completed: No | Word count: 6209 | Read count: 19
Published: 26 Aug 2012 | Updated: 07 Sep 2012 [Report This]

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