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In a drunken state 29 year old Cian Davies discovered a tap door. In an empty street. One he'd never seen before. But he though that was just because he was drunk, or was it...

The very moment Cian's shaky hands opened the door, the adults disappeared, the kids blinked, no more adults, gone. And they didn't think that it was just coincidence that the only remaining adult was the very man who opened a strange trap door. The only ages remaining on Earth are 17 and under, Cian is 29.

Kids begin to develop mysterious powers, some use them for good, some... not so good- and the Darkness is sending evil there way. And, of course, the two most powerful people on this messed up world is a drunk idiot and a two year old. Could this get any worse? Maybe...

Rating: 12+
Category: Horror
Characters: None
Series: None
Chapter: 1 Completed: No
Words: 1085 Read: 5888
Published: 01 Apr 2013 Updated: 02 May 2014

1. Cian Davies... by Beautiful Soul [Reviews - 0] (1085 words)

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